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In the 45 years of our history, we have collaborated with some of the most relevant icons that have always been linked with our diverse London roots. Following in the footsteps of Kate, Alexa and Cara, the time is now for Dua Lipa. As the face of our Spring-Summer 19 campaign, she is redefining what it means to be an icon with her honest connection to the world around her.

Pepe Jeans, the legendary British denim brand is delighted to announce a new partnership with Dua Lipa, one of the most successful musical artists and style icons of her generation. Following in the footsteps of fashion icons and Hollywood stars, Dua Lipa begins her new role by starring in the Spring/Summer 2019 campaign for Pepe Jeans, photographed by David Sims. The campaign itself is a celebration of the heritage of Pepe Jeans, which was one of the first British brands to bring a distinct fashion perspective to the world of denim in 1973. Dua Lipa is photographed in black and white wearing a range of classic denim pieces. An emphasis on strength, natural beauty and the timeless appeal of denim takes precedent in both the campaign and the collection itself. At 23, Dua Lipa has taken the music world by storm and become a fashion icon for her millions of fans. Dua Lipa and Pepe Jeans are a perfect fit in more ways than one. Both were born in London and have become symbols of idiosyncratic British style.


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Contemporary fashion is happening far away from tiny designer shops or big department stores and shopping centres. Sure, a part of it still happens there. But the majority of it, the fashion for the majority of people, has transferred to the internet. Online shopping for clothes in much more consumer friendly. Online clothes shops are much easier on the nerves. Fashion stores on the internet are easier to browse. Men’s fashion and women’s fashion are much more manageable online. Let’s take a look why online clothes shops are gaining so much popularity…


  • Number of Articles Sold

Fashion is not about quantity, but about quality. You will surely agree with this. But here is the catch. It is much easier to find quality clothes is you have a lot to choose from. An average small clothes store sells a few hundred different pieces of clothes. A huge clothes store perhaps a few thousand. But an online clothes store can sell thousands at any given time with ease. And that’s what makes fashion. The ability to choose.


  • Online Is Trendier

It is interesting to note that practically all trends happen around young people. And young people do most of their living online these days, including shopping. Fashion for men and fashion for women are home online nowadays. Online clothing shops are simply becoming more popular, better known and better stocked than regular shops.


  • What about Checking If the Clothes Fit?

This is an important part of looking fashionable, right? Making sure that the clothes you buy fit you perfectly. But you can’t do that online. Sure, but you can order them to your home. Try them on as much as you want to. And return them if they don’t fit perfectly. That’s clothing fashion for the 21st century.

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Pepe Jeans Unleashes “Come Together” Campaign For Fall/Winter 2017

London-based denim and casual wear Pepe Jeans has recently unveiled a brand new Fall/Winter 2017 campaign dubbed “Come Together“. The objective of the campaign is to celebrate the “theme of coming together, opposites attracting through four striking standalone visuals that also come from four corresponding short story films including Uniformity in Style, Blue Union, London Mash-up and League of your own“. Directed by Jon Clements, the new campaign video features young models Neels Visser and 19-year-old Delilah Belle Hamlin rocking in Pepe Jeans‘ latest denim collection set to the catchy beat of a techno score.

For diffrent styles, go to our page www.mestino.com to see the new FALL/WINTER 17 collection.

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